La Niña and the Making of Climate Optimism (eBook, PDF) - Miller, Julia
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Chapter 1. Attitudes to Climate.- Chapter 2 Wastelands, Gardens, Hopes and Visions.- Chapter 3. Federated and Fed-up: Fragility after Fecundity (1895-1905).- Chapter 4. Soaking in Hope: Provident Nature and Grand Schemes (1909-1929).- Chapter 5. The Battle with Drought: Water the Essential Element (1940-1949).- Chapter 6. A Run of Good Seasons (1950-57 and 1970-75).- Chapter 7. Remembering Rain: The Ghost of Good Seasons Past (1960-1969).- Chapter 8. A Change in the Weather. Conservation as the Catch Cry (1980-1990).- Chapter 9. Climates of Opinion: The Role of La Niña and Permanent Change.- Chapter 10. Conclusion.-