France, Mexico and Informal Empire in Latin America, 1820-1867 (eBook, PDF) - Shawcross, Edward
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Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: French Policy towards Latin America, 1820-60.

Chapter 3: Monarchy and the Search for Order in Mexico.

Chapter 4: Towards Pan-Latinism.

Chapter 5: The Western Question.

Chapter 6: The Limits of Informal Empire: French Intervention and the Mexican Second Empire.

Chapter 7: Conclusion.
"The book blends international, political, and intellectual history, and draws extensively and effectively from diplomatic archives in Paris, Mexico City, London and Austin, and Mexican and French newspapers and periodicals, among other sources. ... this is a well-conceived book, full of rich detail, insightful analysis, and good narrative." (Paul Edison, H-France Review, Vol. 18 (176), 2018)