Evolving Theories on the Origin of the Moon (eBook, PDF) - Cummings, Warren D.
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Acknowledgements.- Foreword.- 1 Gaping at the Moon.- 2 Lunar Observations and Speculations-From Gilbert to the Apollo Explorations.- 3 Pre-Apollo Theories about the Origin of the Moon.- 4 Exploring the Moon-the Apollo Investigations.- 5 Post-Apollo Synthesis and Debate.- 6 Widening the Research Front.- 7 The Kona Conference-Day 1.- 8 The Kona Conference-Day 2.- 9 The Kona Conference-Day 3.- 10 Assessments.- 11 Epilogue.- Glossary.- Index.
"I enjoyed this book greatly. It is well-written, well-illustrated, detailed, thorough, and aimed accurately at a postgraduate level." (David W. Hughes, The Observatory, Vol. 140 (1278), October, 2020)