Embodied Enquiry (eBook, PDF) - Todres, L.
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Introduction: An Embodied Path at Beginning and End PART I: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: TOWARDS AESTHETIC AND EMBODIED PRACTICES The Qualitative Description of Human Experience: The Aesthetic Dimension The Meaning of Understanding and the Open Body: Some Implications for Qualitative Research The Bodily Complexity of Truth-Telling in Qualitative Research: Some Implications of Gendlin's Philosophy Writing Phenomenological-Psychological Descriptions: An Illustration Attempting to Balance Texture and Structure PART II: PSYCHOTHERAPY: EMBODYING COMPLEX IDENTITY Humanising Forces: Phenomenology in Science; Psychotherapy in Technological Culture The Rhythm of Psychotherapeutic Attention: A Training Model The Primacy of Phenomenological Process and Sequence in Psychotherapy: A Case Study Globalisation and the Complexity of Self: The Relevance of Psychotherapy Freedom-Wound: Towards the Embodiment of human Openness in Daseinanalytical Therapy PART III: SPIRITUALITY: EMBODYING FREEDOM AND VULNERABILITY Psychological and Spiritual Freedoms: Reflections Inspired by Heidegger How does Liberating Self-Insight Become Tacit Understanding? The Wound that Connects: A Consideration of 'Narcissism' and the Creation of Soulful Space Embracing Ambiguity: Transpersonal Development and the Phenomenological Tradition Conclusion Thoughts and Touchstones: A Wide Embrace