AI in Marketing, Sales and Service (eBook, PDF) - Gentsch, Peter
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  • Verlag: Springer Gabler / Springer International Publishing
  • Originaltitel: Künstliche Intelligenz für Sales, Marketing und Service – Mit AI und Bots zu einem Algorithmic Business – Konzepte, Technologien und Best Practices
  • Erscheinungstermin: 22. Oktober 2018
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9783319899572
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Part I: AI 101

1. AI eats the World

1.1 AI and the fourth industrial revolution

1.2 AI development: Hyper, Hyper, ....

1.3 AI as a game changer

1.4 AI for business

2. A Bluffer's Guide to AI, Algorithmics and Big Data

2.1 Big Data - more than "Big"

2.2 Algorithms - the new marketers?

2.3 The power of algorithms

2.4 AI the eternal talent is growing up

2.4.1 AI - an attempt at a definition

2.4.2 Historical development of AI

2.4.3 Why AI is not really intelligent - and why that does not matter either

Part II: AI Business: Framework and Maturity Model

3. AI Business: Framework and Maturity Model

3.1 Methods and technologies

3.2 Framework und Maturity Model

3.3 AI Framework - the 360° perspective

3.4 AI maturity model: Process model with roadmap

3.5 Algorithmic business - on the way towards self-driven companies

3.6 Algorithmic Marketing

3.7 Algorithmic Market Research

3.8 New business models through algorithmics and AI

3.9 Who`s in Charge

Part III Conversational AI: How (Chat) Bots will reshape the Digital Experience

4. Conversational AI: How (Chat) Bots will reshape the Digital Experience

4.1 Bots as a new customer interface and operating system

4.2 Conversational Commerce

4.2.1 Subject-matter and areas

4.2.2 Examples of conversational commerce

4.2.3 Challenges for Conversational Commerce

4.2.4 Advantages and disadvantages of Conversational Commerce

4.3 Conversational Office

4.3.1 Potential approaches and benefits

4.3.2 Digital Colleagues

4.4 Conversational Home

4.4.1 The butler economy - convenience beats branding

4.4.2 Development of the personal butler in the scope of cognisant computing

4.4.3 Advantages and disadvantages for the users

4.4.4 Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Alexa, Home - who is the cleverest of them all?

4.5 Conversational commerce and AI in the GAFA platform economy

4.6 Bots in the scope of the CRM systems of companies

4.7 Maturity levels and examples of bots and AI systems

4.8 Conversational AI Playbook

4.8.1 Roadmap for conversational AI

4.8.2 Platforms and checklist

4.9 Conclusion and outlook

Part IV AI Best and Next Practices

5. AI Best and Next Practices

5.1 Sales and marketing reloaded - deep learning facilitates new ways of winning customers and markets

Andreas Kulpa, DATAlovers AG

5.2 Digital Labor and what needs to be considered from a costumer perspective

Alex Dogariu, Daimler AG

5.3 Artificial intelligence and big data in customer service

Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner,Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

5.4 Customer engagement with chatbots and collaboration bots: Methods, chances and risks of the use of bots in service and marketing

Dr. Thomas Wilde, University Munich LMU

5.5 The bot revolution is changing content marketing - algorithms and AI for generating and distributing content

Klaus Eck, d.Tales GmbH

5.6 Chatbots: Testing new grounds with a pinch of pixie dust?

David Popineau, Disney

5.7 Techniker Krankenkasse

Showcase: Alexa becomes Relaxa

Overview of the development of the skill "Smart Relax"

Bruno Kollhorst, Techniker Krankenkasse

5.8 The Future of Media Planning

Andreas Schwabe, BCG

5.9 Corporate Security: Social Listening, Disinformation and Fake News

Using algorithms for systematic detection of unknown unknowns

Prof. Dr. Martin Grothe, Universität der Künste Berlin

5.10 Next Best Action - Recommender Systems Next Level

Jens Scholz/ Michael Thess, prudsys AG

5.11 How Artificial Intelligence and chatbots impact the music industry and change consumer interaction with artists and music labels
Peter Gentsch

Part V Conclusion and Outlook: Algorithmic Business: Quo Vadis?

6. Conclusion and Outlook: Algorithmic Business: Quo Vadis?

6.1 Super intelligence: Computers are taking over - realistic scenario or science fiction?

6.2 AI: Top 11 Trends 2018 and beyond

6.3 Implications for companies and society

"Every chief executive must be thinking about how to apply AI to their company. But, lacking the necessary knowledge, they don't know how to start. This book comes to the rescue. It uses real-life cases to explain how AI can help businesses. ... This book aims to introduce AI to marketers who do not have a data science or AI degree." (R. S. Chang, Computing Reviews, March 10, 2020)