School Counselors Accelerated Course [2 in 1]: The Foolproof Guide to Instilling Empowered Paradigms in Your Students - Robbins, Wendy
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  • The Happiness Education Factor
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 27. Februar 2021
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Wendy is a 28-year-old woman who has a passion for helping people understand their passion and discovering themselves. Early in her life, around the age of 20, she found out that she is an empath and from that moment, she started diving deep into self-discovery. She started learning more and more about herself and others through psychology and enneagram. A couple of years later, she started to look into new age spirituality and started to learn about Tarot Reading, Palmistry, numerology, and astrology. After combining all her knowledge she started helping people truly discover who they are, so they can understand themselves and start to improve their life. She does this through writing and offering personal coaching.