Recognition and Power - Brink, Bert Van Den; Owen, David
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  • Verlag: Cambridge University Press
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 9. Dezember 2010
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1. Introduction Bert van den Brink and David Owen
Part I. Philosophical Approaches to Recognition: 2. Analyzing recognition: identification, acknowledgment and recognitive attitudes towards persons Heikki Ikaheimo and Arto Laitinen
3. Recognition and reconciliation: actualized agency in Hegel's jena phenomenology Robert Pippin
4. Damaged life: power and recognition in Adorno's ethics Bert van den Brink
5. The potential and the actual: Mead, Honneth, and the 'I' Patchen Markell
Part II. Recognition and Power in Social Theory: 6. Work, recognition, emancipation Beate Roessler
7. '" that all members should be loved in the same way"' Lior Barshack
8. Recognition of love's labor: considering Axel Honneth's feminism Iris Marion Young
Part III. Recognition and Power in Political Theory: 9. 'To tolerate means to insult': toleration, recognition, and emancipation
10. Misrecognition, power, and democracy Veit Bader
11. Reasonable deliberation, constructive power, and the struggle for recognition Anthony Simon Laden
12. Self-government and 'democracy as reflexive co-operation': reflection on Honneth's social and political ideal David Owen
Part IV. Axel Honneth on Recognition and Power: 13. Recognition as ideology Axel Honneth
14. Rejoinder Axel Honneth.