Options Trading Crash Course: Discover the Secrets of a Successful Trader and Learn how to Make Money by Investing in Options thanks to my Personal - Mark Davis
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Mark Davis is an author, full-time professional trader, trade system developer, and trading coach with decades of experience in the study of markets and their behavior. He has studied the tools and strategies for operating in the financial markets and made every mistake and bad decision one can take. He didn't step back after a few failed attempts and found his way to success. As a teacher and mentor, Mark has helped thousands of students in more than one twenty countries take the plunge and find trading success on their own terms, moreover he has single-handedly developed and refined numerous effective trading strategies. In his books you won't find simple "get rich quick" recipes but the tools and strategies to operate on the financial markets (of forex, futures, options contracts, stock). If you are ready to engage and maintain a strong will he can help you find all the tools to grow your bank account and achieve your financial freedom.