Narcissistic Ex: How to Spot Narcissists and Deal With NPD or BPD Manipulators, Abusive Codependent Relationships, Toxic Codependency A - Walker, Debbie
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 8. März 2021
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Debbie Walker is an American author who was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. She graduated from the University of Chicago with an undergrad degree in literature. After much soul searching, Debbie settled on a career she found both rewarding and necessary. She earned her Masters in Psychology and runs a small practice helping victims of trauma and domestic abuse. Her love for life is evident in all she does. Debbie is a natural giver, but it wasn't until after her divorce she realized she had a gift worth sharing. With an already thriving business, Debbie decided she could do more for others by expanding her reach and finding a measure of self-therapy as she climbed from her own divorce- with writing. She took her wealth of knowledge and put it into a series of books aimed at helping people defend against unhealthy relationships responsible for increasing anxiety, depression, and a variety of mental health issues. Her books continue producing positive results and center on narcissistic abuse, codependency, empathy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Debbie is critically acclaimed for her insights in the healing process and her unique approach to solving the human dilemma so many of us face. Surprisingly, she credits undergoing her own divorce with awakening her drive and becoming the woman she is today. Ever the loving mother, Debbie balances her time between work and family with carefully matriculated me-time. She loves going for long mountain walks with her two dogs to clear her mind, listening to a diverse assortment of music, reading, and practices meditation.