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Uncover the myths that dominate popular conceptions of management, and become a better manager with this compelling, well-researched and practical guide.

Uncover the myths that dominate popular conceptions of management, and become a better manager with this compelling, well-researched and practical guide.
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  • Business Myths
  • Verlag: Kogan Page Ltd
  • Seitenzahl: 248
  • Erscheinungstermin: 28. Oktober 2017
  • Englisch
  • Abmessung: 233mm x 154mm x 20mm
  • Gewicht: 426g
  • ISBN-13: 9780749480233
  • ISBN-10: 0749480238
  • Artikelnr.: 47357765
Stefan Stern, Cary Cooper
00: Introduction; Chapter
01: Myth 1
There is One Right Way to Lead or Manage; Chapter
02: Myth 2
It's Tough at the Top; Chapter
03: Myth 3
Long Hours Will Lead to Success; Chapter
04: Myth 4
It's Important Not to Show Vulnerability or Doubt; Chapter
05: Myth 5
It's Lonely at the Top; Chapter
06: Myth 6
You Need to be the Smartest Person in the Room; Chapter
07: Myth 7
Hierarchy is Finished; Chapter
08: Myth 8
Consistency is Essential; Chapter
09: Myth 9
Only Hire People Who Will Fit In; Chapter
10: Myth 10
Leadership is More Important than Management; Chapter
11: Myth 11
You Have to Pay Top Dollar to Get the Right Person; Chapter
12: Myth 12
Annual Appraisals Help You Manage Performance; Chapter
13: Myth 13
Information Must be Controlled and Limited; Chapter
14: Myth 14
. but Women Don't Really Want Top Jobs; Chapter
15: Myth 15
Leaders are Born Not Made; Chapter
16: Myth 16
Your First 100 Days in a New Job are Make or Break; Chapter
17: Myth 17
You Have to Know Everything that is Going On; Chapter
18: Myth 18
Heroic Leaders Can Change Entire Organizations on their Own; Chapter
19: Myth 19
The Boss with the Best Strategy Wins; Chapter
20: Myth 20
It is Not Possible to Work Flexibly in Senior Roles; Chapter
21: Myth 21
Pay Must be Kept Confidential; Chapter
22: Myth 22
Psychology is Psychobabble and there's No Need or Place for it; Chapter
23: Myth 23
The Robots are Coming to Take Your Job; Chapter
24: Myth 24
Leadership Must Be Transformational; Chapter
25: Myth 25
Conformity Leads to Success; Chapter
26: Myth 26
Feelings are Soft and for Losers; Chapter
27: Myth 27
Keep Your Distance if You Want Respect; Chapter
28: Myth 28
Be Yourself
It's All About Authenticity; Chapter
29: Myth 29
Date of Birth is Destiny; Chapter
30: Myth 30
People are Motivated by Money; Chapter
31: Myth 31
Fear Works and 'Engagement' is Unnecessary; Chapter
32: Myth 32
The Business Case Will Always Prove Persuasive; Chapter
33: Myth 33
There's Nothing Wrong with the Business, there's just a Few Rotten Apples; Chapter
34: Myth 34
We Have Woken Up to the Problems Caused by Prejudice; Chapter
35: Myth 35
All the Power Resides at the Top; Chapter
36: Myth 36
People Will Learn if you Explain Things to them Clearly; Chapter
37: Myth 37
You Must Keep Up with all the New Management Ideas and Give Them a Try; Chapter
38: Myth 38
You've Got to Talk Like a Real, Serious, Grown
Up Business Person. Learn the Jargon; Chapter
39: Myth 39
You Can't Manage People if You Can't See Them; Chapter
40: Myth 40
Who Needs Employees Anyway? Get With the Gig Economy; Chapter
41: Myth 41
People Hate Change; Chapter
42: Myth 42
Big Data Will Fix Everything; Chapter
43: Myth 43
A Cool Office Will Make Everybody More Creative; Chapter
44: Myth 44
There are Only 44 Things to Get Wrong