Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
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  • Lecture Notes in Physics .201
  • Verlag: Springer / Springer, Berlin
  • 1984
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The use and ultimate validity of invariance principles.- Cohomology and contraction: The "non-relativistic" limit revisited.- Linearization - A unified approach.- Weyl kinematical groups of electromagnetic and energy-momentum tensors.- From spinors to probability amplitudes of external and internal variables for spinning particles.- A characterizatton of factor systems of locally-operating representations.- Recent developments on shift operators.- Unitary and non-unitary, multiplicity free irreducible representations of SL (3,R).- The symmetry group of a differential equation.- Group contractions and the E(2)-like little group for massless particles as an infinite-momentum/zero-mass limit of the 0(3)-like little group for massive particles.- Representation approach to lattices of subgroups of space groups.- Young tableaux for the Lie superalgebra OSP(M/N).- The associated Lie Algebra of $$\ddot x$$ + f2 $$\dot x$$ + f1x = f0.- Three-dimensional commutative diagram of group homomorphisms.- Indecomposable representations of Verma type.- Some recent results on the SU(3)? SO(3) state labelling problem.- Irreducible projective representations of the generalized symmetric groups B n m .- Indecomposable representations of some graded Lie Algebras.- Stephen Paneitz: A brief appreciation.- Indecomposable representations of the Poincare group and associated fields.- SL(n,R)/SO(n) unirreps and group decontraction.- Hysteresis & universal bifurcation in natural processes.- Irreducible representations of the basic classical Lie superalgebras SU(m/n) ; SU(n/n)/U(1) ; OSp(m/2n) ; D(2/1 ; ? ) ; G(3) ; F(4)..- Group representations in indefinite metric spaces.- Tensor operator realisations of the classical Lie Algebras and non-trivial zeros of the 6j-symbol.- Yang - Baxter algebras of dynamical charges in the chiral gross - Neveu model.- Subgroups of Lie groups and symmetry reduction for nonlinear partial differential equations.- Spinorial description of Lie superalgebras.- Noetherian symmetries, backlund transformation and conservation laws for a completely integrable three dimensional system.- Einstein equations without killing vectors, self-dual Yang-Mills field and non-linear sigma models (integrability properties, links, new solutions).- Jet bundle technique, Lie Bäcklund vector fields and diffusion equations.- A group-theoretic treatment of Gaussian optics and third-order aberrations.- Study of Michel's conjecture.- Conformally invariant solutions of Yang-Mills equations in Minkowski space.- Two body relativistic scattering with an 0(1,1) symmetric sqaure well potential.- Emergence of central extension of Kac-Moody algebra in quantum integrable models.- Cohomological interpretation of anomalies the example of the trace anomaly.- On pure, conformal and exotic spinors.- Pohlmeyer-type transformations in general relativity.- On group covariance and the law of motion in a generalized metric theory.- Minimalization of Higgs potentials with application to the SU(5) model.- Self-dual monopoles and calorons.- U(1) Invariant hierarchy theories in d-dimension antisymmetric gauge tensor fields.- Generalized connection forms with linearized curvature.- Dynamical symmetry breaking in S4 De Sitter space.- Applications of conformal invariance to gauge Quantum Field Theory.- On the necessity of breaking colour SUC(3) symmetry.- Massive vector superfields with SU(2) internal symmetry.- Supergravity in eleven-dimensional space-time.- Dimensional reduction of exceptional gauge groups and flavor chirality.- Seven - Spheres from octonions.- A solution of Bianchi identities for extended supergravities.- N=2 unconstrained superfield supergravity from hypermultiplet.- Euclidean supersymmetries in three and four dimensions.- Gauge theories in higher dimensions: Linear relations for gauge fields, integrability conditions, spherical symmetry in eight dimensions.- Quantum vortices and diff (?3).- The time dependent Sp(2,?) model for the breathing mode.- The quark