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Richard W. Etulain is professor emeritus of history and former director of the Center for the American West at the University of New Mexico. He has authored or edited more than forty books.
Introduction by Richard W. Etulain Suggestions for Further Reading A Note on the Text A Texas Cowboy I. My Boyhood Days II. My Introduction to the late war III. My First Lesson in Cow Punching IV. My second experience in St. Louis V. A New experience VI. Adopted and sent to school VII. Back at last to the Lone Star State VIII. Learning to rope wild steers IX. Owning my first cattle X. A start up the Chisolm trail XI. Buys a boat and becomes a sailor XII. Back to my favorite occupation, that of a wild and woolly Cow Boy XIII. Mother and I meet at last XIV. On a tare in Wichita, Kansas XV. A lonely trip down the Cimeron XVI. My first experience roping a Buffalo XVII. An exciting trip after thieves XVIII. Seven weeks among Indians XIX. A lonely ride of eleven hundred miles XX. Another start up the Chisolm trail XXI. A trip which terminated in the capture of "Billy the Kid" XXII. Billy the Kid's capture XXIII. A trip to the Rio Grande on a mule XXIV. Waylaid by unknown parties XXV. Lost on the Staked Plains XXVI. A trip down the Reo Pecos XXVII. A true sketch of "Billy the Kid's" life XXVIII. Wrestling with a dose of Small Pox on the Llano Esticado XXIX. In love with a Mexican girl XXX. A sudden leap from Cow Boy to Merchant Addenda: Part I.
Cost of raising a three
year old steer Part II.
Driving young steers "up the trail." Part III.
What a young man can do in ten years with a start of 100 two
old heifers. Part IV.
The much abused cow
pony. Part V.
boys' wages
and cost of outfit. Part VI.
Losses on a cattle ranch from deaths, theft, etc. Part VII.
Raising cow
ponies on the range Explanatory Notes