Songs Of Pride/In Person/Sensational/Just Plain - Pride,Charley
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CD 1
1Someday you will00:02:28
2She made me go00:03:11
3The right to do wrong00:02:25
4The easy part's over00:02:25
5The day you stop loving me00:02:50
6I could have saved you the time00:02:37
7One of these days00:02:29
8All the time00:02:53
9My heart is a house00:02:22
10Let me help you work it out00:02:31
11Both of us love you00:01:52
12The top of the world00:02:40
14The lats thing on my mind00:02:43
15Just between you and me00:02:17
16I know one00:02:17
18Lovesick blues00:02:49
19The image of me00:03:08
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CD 2
1Louisiana man00:02:39
2She's still got a hold on you00:03:03
3Let the chips fall00:02:46
4Come on home and sing the blues to Daddy00:02:19
5Never more than I00:02:37
6Let me live again00:02:37
7Take care of the little things00:02:31
8Even after everything she's done00:02:00
9(It's just a matter of) Making up my mind00:02:29
10It's the little things00:02:53
11Billy Bayou00:02:15
12We had all the good things going00:02:43
13Me and Bobby McGee00:03:33
14A good chance of tear-fall tonight00:02:49
15One time00:02:31
16(I'm so) Afraid of losing you again00:03:11
17A brand new bed of roses00:02:18
18That's why I love you so much00:02:41
19If you had only taken the time00:02:19
20Gone, gone, gone00:02:56
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