Last Word On First Blues - Ginsberg,Allen
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CD 1
1Going To San Diego00:04:15
2Vomit Express00:06:37
3Jimmy Berman (Gay Lib Rag)00:04:03
4NY Youth Call Annunciation00:04:37
5CIA Dope Calypso00:03:30
6Put Down Your Cigarette Rag00:02:48
7Sickness Blues00:04:45
8Broken Bone Blues00:03:30
9Stay Away From The White House00:04:15
10Hard-on Blues00:02:36
11Guru Blues00:04:05
CD 2
1Everybody Sing00:02:30
2Gospel Nobel Truths00:04:38
3Bus Ride To Suva00:03:08
4Prayer Blues00:06:19
5Love Forgiven00:02:30
6Father Death Blues00:02:48
7Dope Fiend Blues00:03:10
9You Are My Dildo00:05:15
10Old Pond00:04:59
11No Reason00:01:50
12My Pretty Rose Tree00:01:49
13Capitol Air00:04:20
CD 3
1Nurses Song00:09:40
2Spring (Merrily Welcome)00:05:34
3September On Jessore Road00:14:43
4Lay Down Yr Mountain00:04:30
5Slack Key Guitar00:03:48
6Reef Mantra00:03:08
7NY Blues00:02:58
8Come Along Vietnam (Rehearsal)00:02:40
9Airplane Blues (Live at Folk City)00:08:30
10Feeding The Raspberries To Grow (Live at Folk City)00:05:36
11Do The Mediation Rock00:04:15