Willkommen German Beginner's Course: Activity Book - Coggle, Paul; Esq, Paul Coggle; Schenke, Heiner
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Work book packed with ideas and activities for extra practice to accompany Willkommen!, the best-selling German course for adult beginners.

Work book packed with ideas and activities for extra practice to accompany Willkommen!, the best-selling German course for adult beginners.
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  • Verlag: John Murray Press
  • 2 ed
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 27. April 2012
  • Deutsch, Englisch
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Paul Coggle is an experienced university teacher of German, who has taught courses from beginner to postgraduate level. He was a pioneer in the development and use of multimedia language learning materials at the University of Kent, and has acted as a Language Consultant for the BBC and the University of Cambridge Language Centre. He is series editor for the Teach Yourself language courses. Heiner Schenke was born in Hannover and is a native speaker of German. He has taught German at university level for many years and is Director of the Institution-wide language programme at the University of Westminster.
: 1 Guten Tag
: Greetings and farewells. Saying who you are. Saying where you come from and where you live. Numbers 0-10. Alphabet.
: 2 Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
: Saying how you are. Talking about nationality and languages. Talking about personal details. Numbers 11-100.
: 3 Arbeit und Studium
: Towns and cities. Jobs and professions. Work and study. Numbers 101 upwards.
: 4 Familie und Freizeit
: Activities. Leisure pursuits. Stating likes and dislikes. Family relationships.
: 5 Essen und Einkaufen
: Asking the way. Ordering food and drink. Shopping: asking / giving prices. Saying how often you do things.
: 6 Uhrzeiten und Verabredungen
: Booking a hotel room. Telling the time. Talking about daily routines. Making appointments.
: 7 Alltag in der Stadt
: Buying consumer goods. Talking about daily routines and work (cont.). Travelling around town.
: 8 Was haben Sie gemacht?
: Saying what happened at the weekend. Talking about recent events. Talking about the more distant past. Describing purchases.
: 9 Ich wohne lieber in der Stadt
: Saying where people live and what their homes are like. Making comparisons. Discussing the pros and cons of city vs. country life. Describing price and location of hotels.
: 10 Ist Mode wichtig für Sie?
: Describing items of personal appearance. Saying what clothes you like wearing. Discussing appropriate clothes and gifts. Offering help and advice.
: 11 Urlaub, Wetter und Gesundheit
: Talking about past holidays. Reporting weather conditions. Discussing health. Reporting on aches and pains.
: 12 Das Leben in Deutschland
: Telephoning. Writing a CV. Talking about German-speaking countries. Expressing opinions on the German language.