Scooter Forever - Scooter
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CD 1
2In rave we trust00:03:16
3Bora! Bora! Bora!00:03:12
4My gabber00:02:55
5Wall of China (See the light)00:04:08
6Shooting stars (Move it to the left)00:03:46
7When I'm raving00:03:12
8Scooter forever00:03:22
9As the years go by00:02:59
10Wild and wicked00:02:59
11The roof00:03:22
12Kiss goodnight00:04:00
13Kill the cat00:03:32
14The darkside00:02:55
15Always look on the bright side of life00:02:18
CD 2
1Universal nation00:04:31
2Symmetry C00:03:41
4The first rebirth00:04:08
5Sacred cycles00:03:23
6Burning phibes00:03:46
7Lost in love00:03:32
8The house of house00:03:54
9Lost in space00:03:56
10Tales of mystery00:03:19