Die Hit Giganten Best Of 90'S Dance - Diverse
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CD 1
1It's my life00:04:01
2Rhythm is a dancer00:03:41
3Mr. Vain00:04:17
4Blue (Da Ba Dee)00:03:40
5I Like To Move It00:03:43
6my heart goes boom (ladidada)00:03:40
72 times00:03:48
8Right in the night00:03:46
9Show me love00:03:20
10No Limit00:03:17
11Saturday Night00:03:44
12Don't You Want Me00:03:09
13Think About The Way00:04:19
14Another Night00:03:59
15Please Don't Go00:03:17
16Where Do You Go00:04:31
17u got 2 let the music00:03:37
18Freed from Desire00:03:34
19The rhythm of the night00:04:23
20Pump Up The Jam00:03:36
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CD 2
1All That She Wants00:03:31
2What Is Love00:04:29
3Sing Hallelujah00:04:01
4The Riddle00:03:24
5More and more00:04:11
6Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)00:03:30
7Cotton Eye Joe00:03:11
8Coco jamboo00:03:38
10Tom's Diner00:03:44
11It's like that00:03:51
13Got to Get00:03:21
14The key, the secret00:03:43
16Feel The Heat Of The Night00:03:41
17I show your secrets00:04:11
19Run away00:04:04
20Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)00:03:42
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CD 3
3King Of My Castle00:03:32
4The bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)00:03:23
79 PM (Till I Come)00:03:17
8Sonic Empire00:03:56
9Wonderful days00:03:45
10Somewhere over the rainbow00:03:34
11Hyper hyper00:03:31
12Meet Her At The Loveparade00:03:32
13Why Don't You Dance With Me00:03:25
14Nomansland (David's Song)00:03:36
15Power of American Natives00:03:51
16Runaway (Summer reprise)00:03:13
17Celebrate (The love)00:04:08
18The Colour Of My Dreams00:03:55
19Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)00:03:32
20You Don't' Know Me00:04:01
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