Club Sounds 90s,Vol.3 - Diverse
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CD 1
1The riddle00:03:25
2We like to party00:03:42
3Faster harder Scooter00:03:47
4Cotton eye Joe00:03:11
5Barbie girl00:03:15
6Samba de Janeiro00:02:48
8Horny '9800:03:48
9Sunchyme (Radio Edit)00:03:54
10Sexy eyes00:03:58
11Drill instructor00:04:13
12Let the dream come true00:04:00
13Give it up00:04:23
14Scatman's world00:03:41
15Rock my heart00:04:09
16I give you my heart00:03:35
17A neverending dream00:03:29
19Tell me why00:04:31
20Ihr seid so leise!00:03:33
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CD 2
1Move your ass00:03:58
2Beautiful life00:03:39
3Million miles from home00:03:58
4Dreams (will come alive)00:04:22
5The first the last eternity (Till the end)00:03:53
6Inside out00:03:55
7Celebrate (the love)00:04:08
8Get ready (Rap Version Edit)00:03:43
9Boom boom boom (Don't Break My Balls Mix)00:03:01
10Baby baby00:03:45
11Let the beat go on00:04:03
13Move it up00:04:00
14Piece of my heart00:04:05
15Show me colours00:03:33
16Da beat goes00:03:48
17Rhythm & Drums [Part 2]00:04:08
18Iguana (On Air Mix)00:03:44
19The real bass00:03:41
20The launch00:03:38
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CD 3
1Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now)00:04:05
2Get up (before the night is over)00:03:29
3Missing (Todd Terry Remix Radio Edit)00:03:54
4Salva mea00:03:44
5Luv 4 luv00:04:13
6Sucker DJ (A witch for love)00:03:42
7She knows you00:04:18
8Baker Street00:04:04
12Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (DJ Quicksilver's Radio Edit)00:03:06
13Synaesthesia (Fly away)00:03:47
15Toca me00:03:34
16One and one00:03:59
17Back in my life (Hitradio Full Vocal)00:03:30
18Liquid skies00:03:56
20Silence (DJ Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix Edit)00:04:00
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