I Love Max Mix Vol.3 - Diverse
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CD 1
1Max mix - The return Vol. 3 (Drunk Alien Version) (Megamix)00:17:51
2Dial my number (Original Version)00:05:49
3Take Me To The Top00:06:49
4Don't cry (Special Remix)00:05:30
5destiny time00:06:26
6Swiss Boy00:05:07
7Tokyo (Remix)00:06:35
8Central Park00:05:45
9Flowers in the rain00:05:32
10Free Your Life00:06:25
11Fly to mix00:06:30
CD 2
1Max mix - The return vol. 3 (Area 51 Version) (Megamix)00:16:40
2Meet My Friend00:06:06
3More Than A Kiss00:06:03
4The night (Hey ho ho)00:04:18
5Playboy (Special Remix)00:06:13
6Only you can00:06:21
7You're My First, You're My Last00:05:39
8Play the game00:05:43
9Chica Cubana00:06:51
10Jasmin China Girl00:06:28
11Rofo's Theme00:08:29