20 Years Of Hardcore - Scooter
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CD 1
2How much is the fish?00:03:47
3Army of hardcore00:02:59
4Move your ass00:03:56
5Maria (I Like It Loud)00:03:44
7The question is what ist the question?00:03:48
9The only one00:03:33
10Hyper hyper00:03:34
11J'adore hardcore00:03:50
124 Am00:03:19
13I'm Lonely00:03:33
14One (Always Hardcore)00:03:52
15The Logical Song00:03:56
16Ti sento00:03:56
17Faster Harder Scooter00:03:49
18Posse (I Need You On The Floor)00:03:52
19Jigga Jigga!00:03:55
20Jump that rock (Whatever you want)00:03:24
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CD 2
2Cal me manana00:03:41
3Fuck the millenium00:04:13
4The Night00:03:25
5Jumping all over the world00:03:47
6Aiii Shot The DJ00:03:32
7I'm raving00:03:38
8Shake That!00:03:18
9David Doesn't Eat00:03:38
10Behind The Cow00:03:36
11Break it up00:03:39
12The Age Of Love00:03:51
13Back In The U.K.00:03:25
14No fate00:03:43
15Apache Rocks The Bottom!00:03:46
16The sound above my hair00:03:37
17C'est Bleu00:03:13
18We are the greatest00:03:29
19Hello! (Good To Be Back)00:03:30
20Rebel yell00:03:42
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