Welcome To My World-Best Of - Reeves,Jim
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CD 1
1Welcome to my world00:02:37
2Four walls00:02:49
3Billy Bayou00:02:05
4The blizzard00:03:23
5I'm gonna change everything00:02:05
6A letter to my heart00:02:44
7I fall to pieces00:03:05
9Ther fool's paradise00:03:17
10Blue boy00:02:13
11Anna Marie00:02:30
12There's always me00:02:27
13You're the only goog thing (That's happened to me)00:02:15
15Dark moon00:02:38
16The letter edged in black00:02:24
17I'm a fool to care00:02:32
18Rodger Young00:03:19
19It's nothin' to me00:02:23
20Be honest to me00:02:24
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CD 2
1He'll have to go00:02:25
2A room full of roses00:02:42
3Dear hearts and gentle people00:02:06
4Losing your love00:02:17
5(Now and then there's a) fool such as I00:02:13
8Am I llosing you?00:02:38
9I'm gettin' better00:02:17
10Adios amigo00:02:32
11The mighty evrglades00:02:44
12A railroad00:01:56
13The tie that binds00:02:50
14Mona Lisa00:02:36
15My lips are sealed00:02:24
16Highway to nowhere00:02:22
17Wild rose00:02:42
18All dressed up and lonely00:02:42
19I know one00:02:02
20We could00:03:06
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CD 3
1According to my heart00:02:37
2Have I told you lately that I love you?00:02:51
3Blue skies00:02:42
4Precious memories00:02:42
5Two shadows on your window00:02:22
6Mexican Joe00:02:39
7Just walking in the rain00:02:27
8The wreck of the number nine00:02:19
9I missed me00:02:35
10Sweet Sue, just you00:02:02
11What would you do?00:02:03
12Penny candy00:02:32
13Waitin' for a train00:01:59
14Till the end of the world00:01:41
15I'm hurtin' inside00:02:26
16Drinking tequila00:02:45
17Yonder comes a sucker00:02:23
18Danny boy00:02:09
19Is this me?00:02:09
20You'll never be meine again00:02:14
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