Best Of - Brown,Dennis
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CD 1
1Money In My Pocket00:03:51
2Wolves and leopards00:02:48
3Love Has Found Its Way00:04:30
5Tenement yard00:03:49
6Equal Rights00:02:39
7Here I come again00:02:25
8Ain't That Loving You00:03:11
9No More Will I Roam00:03:28
10How Can I Leave You00:04:51
11(I Am The) Conqueror00:02:30
12Party time00:03:19
13Westbound Train00:03:03
14I'm coming home tonight00:04:05
15Africa (We Want To Go)00:03:41
16Sitting And Watching00:04:13
17Oh girl (You are my inspiration)00:03:40
18Historical places00:03:37
19The Exit00:04:05
20Wild fire00:04:37
CD 2
1Man Next Door00:03:56
2Here I Come00:03:03
3Girl I've Got A Date00:03:06
5Your Man00:03:52
6Children Of Israel00:03:09
7Why seek more00:03:04
8Halfway Up, Halfway Down00:04:30
9Blood Sun00:03:19
10Three Meals A Day00:03:27
11Whip Them Jah Jah00:02:31
12Open up00:04:12
13Hold On To What You've Got00:03:26
14I can't stand it00:03:14
15If this world were mine00:03:42
16Let me love you00:03:43
17Have you ever00:03:47
18Lost Without You00:06:10
19Your Love's Got A Hold On Me00:03:42
20Revolution [Part 2]00:03:42