16 Greatest Hits - Raye,Susan
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1Put a little love in your heart00:02:16
2One night stand00:02:24
3Willy Jones00:02:31
4L.A. International Airport00:02:51
5Pitty pitty patter00:02:22
6I've got a happy heart00:01:53
7A song to sing00:02:05
8My heart has a mind of its own00:02:27
9Wheel of fortune00:02:28
10Love sure feels good in my heart00:02:55
11Cheating game00:02:47
12Plastic trains, paper planes00:02:30
13When you get back from Nashville00:02:37
14Stop the world (And let me off)00:02:21
15You can sure see it from here00:02:40
16Whatcha gonna do with a dog like that00:02:18