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CD 1
1Mexican Joe00:02:41
3Drinking tequila00:02:47
4I love you00:02:27
5Penny candy00:02:34
6Then I'll stop loving you00:02:29
7Yonder comes a sucker00:02:35
8I'm hurtin inside00:02:28
9Are you the one?00:02:36
10Give me one more kiss00:02:35
11I could cry00:03:00
12Beatin' on the ding dong00:02:23
13Padre of old San Antone00:02:42
14Butterfly love00:02:52
15Gypsy heart00:02:33
16Hillibilly waltz00:02:21
17I'll follow you00:02:38
18Ichabod crane00:02:21
19It's hard to love just one00:02:33
20Let me remember (things I can't forget)00:02:25
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CD 2
1Four walls00:02:54
2Blue boy00:02:16
3Am I losing you00:02:42
5Goodnight Irene00:02:52
6Billi Bayou00:02:08
7According to my heart00:02:37
8Two shadows on your window00:02:23
9Waiting for a train00:02:11
10I'm getting better00:02:17
11You belong to me00:02:36
12Beyond the shadow of a doubt00:02:12
13I can't stop loving you00:02:50
14Echo Bonita00:02:51
15Let me love just a little00:02:46
16Mother went a walkin'00:02:43
17My happiness00:02:30
18Need me00:02:24
19Oklahoma Hills00:01:55
20Teardrops in my heart00:02:34
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CD 3
1He'll have to go00:02:22
2Mona Lisa00:02:39
4I love you more00:02:27
5The blizzard00:03:24
6Anna Marie00:02:32
7Roly poly00:02:34
9Maria Elena00:02:44
10I'd like to be00:02:05
11I'm beginning to forget you00:02:14
12Whispering hope00:03:09
13Dear hearts and gentle people00:02:09
14An evening prayer00:02:35
15Final affair00:02:40
17How's the world treating you00:02:27
18How long has it been00:02:31
19I love to say I love you (Theme of love)00:02:09
20(Now and then there's a) Full such as I00:02:16
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