Dog'S Dinner - Paddy Murphy
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1Ahead to the sea00:02:27
2The man from Mullingar00:02:06
3Come out ye black and tans00:03:30
4The star of the country down00:03:08
5Every sunday is the worst day of my life00:02:46
6Spancill Hill00:03:51
7Morrison's jig00:03:20
8Drunken Paddy Interlude00:00:47
9The night when Paddy Murphy died00:02:26
10The foggy dew00:02:56
11Singleton jig00:01:19
12I'll tell me ma00:02:39
13The ferryman00:03:17
14The rare old mountain dew00:02:14
15All for me grog00:02:43
16Love of my life00:06:01