Cahoots - Band,The
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1Life Is A Carnival00:04:00
2When I Paint My Masterpiece00:04:21
3Last Of The Blacksmiths (24 Bit Remastered)00:03:39
4Where Do We Go From Here? (24 Bit Remastered)00:03:48
54% Pantomime00:04:33
6Shoot Out In Chinatown (24 Bit Remastered)00:02:50
7The Moon Struck One00:04:09
8Thinkin' Out Loud (24 Bit Remastered)00:03:17
9Smoke Signal (24 Bit Remastered)00:03:57
10Volcano (24 Bit Remastered)00:03:01
11The River Hymn00:04:39
12The Endless Highway00:03:46
13When I Paint My Masterpiece00:03:57
14Bessie Smith (Outtake)00:04:17
15Don't Do It00:03:54
16Radio Commercial (24 Bit Remastered)00:01:02