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40 Years-The Album - Bellamy Brothers
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  • Audio CD

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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 12. Juni 2015
  • Hersteller: Soulfood,
  • EAN: 4011586153093
  • Artikelnr.: 42636818
CD 1
1Let Your Love Flow00:03:10
2If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)00:03:12
3I Need More Of You00:03:35
4Redneck girl00:03:21
5Sugar daddy00:03:36
6Do You Love As Good As You Look?00:02:59
7Old Hippie00:04:02
8You ain't just whistlin' dixie (Live Version)00:05:10
10Lovers live longer00:03:19
11Dancin' cowboys00:03:23
12Crazy From The Heart00:03:34
13When I'm Away From You00:03:48
14Country rap00:02:30
15Feelin' the feelin'00:03:36
16I'd Lie To You For Your Love00:03:29
17For All The Wrong Reasons00:03:43
18Get into Reggae cowboy00:03:14
19Kids Of The Baby Boom00:03:14
CD 2
1Dinosaur Wine00:03:39
2Old Love Song00:04:28
3Time rocks on00:03:34
4Dyin' breed00:03:44
5Livin' in oblivion00:03:01
6After the storm00:03:47
7Agave blue00:04:23
8Hippie cowboys00:02:23
9Heaven and Hell00:04:44
10That's How U Roll When U Rock00:03:08
11The right to be wrong00:03:13
12We Don't Call 91100:03:33
13Love by the moon00:02:51
14Together we have it all00:03:18
15Barb wire fence00:05:32
16Texas girls00:03:56
17Jet lag journey00:02:47
19October Moon00:04:37
20The rock00:04:07