Original Album Classics - Winter,Johnny
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CD 1
1I'm yours and I'm hers00:04:32
2Be Careful With A Fool00:05:16
4Mean mistreater00:03:55
5Leland Mississippi blues00:03:30
6Good Morning Little School girl00:02:46
7When you got a good friend00:03:42
8I'll drown in my own tears00:04:46
9Back door friend00:02:56
CD 2
1Memory Pain00:05:33
2I'm Not Sure00:05:23
3The Good Love00:04:43
4Slippin' And Slidin'00:02:47
5Miss Ann00:03:42
6Johnny B. Goode00:02:49
7Highway 61 (Revisited)00:05:07
8I Love Everybody00:03:42
9Hustled Down In Texas00:03:33
10I Hate Everybody00:02:33
11Fast Life Rider00:07:00
CD 3
1Good Morning Little School girl00:04:34
2It's My Own Fault00:11:58
3Jumpin' Jack Flash00:04:28
4Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
5Mean Town Blues00:09:00
6Johnny B. Goode00:03:22