Original Album Classics - Quiet Riot
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CD 1
1Stay With Me Tonight00:04:38
2Callin' The Shots00:04:40
3Run To You00:04:38
4I'm Fallin' (Album Version)00:04:20
5King of the Hill00:04:24
6The Joker00:03:55
7Lunar Obsession00:01:43
8Don't Wanna Be Your Fool (Album Version)00:04:59
9Coppin' A Feel00:03:42
10In A Rush00:02:38
11Empty Promises (Album Version)00:04:24
CD 2
1Metal Health (Bang Your Head)00:05:16
2Cum On Feel The Noize00:04:47
3Don't Wanna Let You Go00:04:40
4Slick Black Cadillac (Album Version)00:04:12
5Love's A Bitch (Album Version)00:04:11
6Breathless (Album Version)00:03:51
7Run for cover (Album Version)00:03:38
8Battle Axe (Album Version)00:01:38
9Let's get crazy (Album Version)00:04:08
10Thunderbird (Album Version)00:04:43
11Danger Zone (Previously Unreleased)00:05:05
12Slick Black Cadillac (Live)00:05:14
CD 3
1Sign of the Times00:05:05
2Mama Weer All Crazee Now00:03:32
3Party All Night00:03:32
4Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet00:04:38
5Winners Take All00:05:32
6Condition Critical00:05:01
7Scream and Shout00:04:01
8Red Alert00:04:28
9Bad Boy00:04:21
10(We Were) Born to Rock00:03:34