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Believers (Limited Box Set) - Deacon Blue
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CD 1
1The believers00:03:37
2This is a love song00:04:03
3I will and I won't00:03:47
6What I left out00:03:18
7A boy00:03:13
9You can't know everything00:03:38
10Delivery man00:04:25
11Come awake00:03:52
12B boy00:01:46
CD 2
1Fergus sings the blues / Born again
2The very thing
3Love's great fears
4This changing light
5One hundred things
7Circus lights
8Chocolate girl
10Spencer Tracy
11Real gone kid
12Little Lincoln
13Wages day
15Long distance love / When will you
17Town to be blamed
19Not fade / Ain't that good news
CD 3
1The believers (Work Tape 3/3/15)00:00:31
2The believers (First Logic Ruff)00:01:14
3The believers (Demo)00:03:43
4Sunshine state (Chem 19 Version)00:03:41
5This is a love song (Work Tape Snipped)00:00:36
6This is a love song (Work Tape)00:01:08
7This is a love song (Demo)00:04:00
8I will and I won't (2 Note Interval Work Tape / End Pt.)00:00:44
9I will and I won't (Demo)00:03:36
10What I left out (Demo)00:03:18
11Dusk (Unreleased Demo)00:07:08
12Come awake (Full Demo Version)00:03:15
13Delivery man (Nashville Hotel Room 28/3/16)00:00:42
14Delivery man (Work Tape First Draft)00:04:14
15Delivery man (Demo)00:04:04
16A boy (Work Tape)00:01:39
17A boy (Demo)00:03:41
18Easter Saturday (Demo - Piano Vox)00:02:51
19Snow still on the cars (Demo)00:04:11
20Birds (Work Tape "Sailors In The Summer", 17/8/15)00:00:39
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