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Part 1.- Literature.- A Literary Revolution in China.- The Literary Revolution in China.- The Social Message in Chinese Poetry.- A Chinese Declaration of the Rights of Women.- The Greatest Event in Life, A Farce in One Act.- The Literary Renaissance.- Introduction to Monkey.- The Chinese Novel.- Part 2 Society.- Marriage Customs in China.- Introduction to The Story of the Chinese Eastern Railway.- Which Road Are We Going?.- Essay in Living Philosophies.- Woman's Place in Chinese History.- The Tz'u-T'ung: A New Dictionary of Classical Polysyllabic Words and Phrases.- An Optimist in the Sea of Pessimism.- An Optimist Looks at China.- Essay in I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Certain Eminent Men and Women of Our Time.- Intellectual Preparedness.- The Place of the Alumni Organization in the History of Universities.- A Historian Looks at Chinese Painting.- The Chinese Art Society.- "Foreword" to How to Cook and Eat in Chinese.- Chang Poling: A Biographical Tribute.- Ten-Year Plan for China's Academic Independence.- My Early Association with the Gest Oriental Library.- The Gest Oriental Library at Princeton University.- Rabindranath Tagore in China.

A Republic for China.- Analysis of the Monarchical Restoration in China.- Is There a Substitute for Force in International Relations?.- Manufacturing the Will of the People.- Reconstruction in China.-The Pacific Changes Color.- The Changing Balance of Forces in the Pacific.- China's Chances of Survival.- The Issues Behind the Far Eastern Conflict.- The Westernization of China and Japan.- To Have Not and Want to Have.- What Can America Do in the Far East Situation.- Japan's War in China.- National Crisis and Student Life.- The Far Eastern Situation.- An Open Letter to the Guardian.- The Meaning of October Tenth.- The Present Situation in China.- We Are Still Fighting.- The Modernization of China and Japan.- A New World Order Cometh!.- China's Power of Resistance.- Our Honorable Enemy.- Factors Necessary for a Durable Peace in the Pacific Area: A Chinese View.-Speech Before the Economic Club of New York.- China's Fighting Strength and Fighting Faith.- Peace Has to Be Enforced.- China, Too, Is Fighting to Defend a Way of Life.- To Win and Keep the Peace.- Asia and the Universal World Order.- Foundations of Friendship Between the Chinese and the Americans.- Maker of Modern China: The Story of Sun Yat-sen