Gangsta Rap - Diverse
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 6. September 2004
  • Hersteller: ZYX-MUSIC GmbH / ZYX/World Of,
  • Gesamtlaufzeit: 68 Min.
  • EAN: 0090204901777
  • Artikelnr.: 20028397
CD 1
1Spice It Up00:04:00
2The Hustler00:03:35
3Be The Realist00:03:47
4Do U Wanna Roll Wit Me00:04:36
5Some Likk Coochie & Some Likk Di*K00:03:23
6Summer In The City00:04:45
7We Came00:04:57
8It Might Sound Crazy00:05:12
9U Make Me Wanna00:03:14
11The Rules00:04:03
12I'll Beacho Azz00:04:53
13It's Dat Gangsta Shit00:04:08
14What Is Black?00:03:40
15U Ain't Shit00:03:49
16Round & Round We Go00:04:07
17Cha-Cha Slide00:03:40
CD 2
1Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm00:03:00
3Got To Get It Get It00:03:38
4Don't Go00:04:18
5Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)00:03:50
6What You Want00:05:17
7X-Trail (Quem Que Caguetou?)00:03:38
8Rockin Dis00:03:02
10Love & Hate00:06:02
11Living In The Ghetto00:03:00
13Ride With Me00:03:51
14We Do This Passion00:02:05
15Dat Whoopty Woop00:05:46
16Way 2 Often00:04:23
17Bacc 2 L.A.00:04:48