Alligator Records50 Years Of Genuine Houserockin' - Diverse
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LP 1
1Give Me Back My Wig00:03:31
2I'm A Woman00:04:36
3Have Mercy00:03:45
4Somebody Loan Me A Dime00:02:54
5What You See Is What You Get00:04:21
6Telephone Angel aka You're On My Mind00:05:26
7Blue Monday Hangover aka Blue Monday00:05:35
8Little Car Blues aka Too Many Drivers00:03:32
9Lights Out00:02:34
10Soul Fixin' Man (Live)00:04:03
11Cold Lonely Nights (Live)00:05:33
12Sloppy Drunk00:03:06
LP 2
1Party Town00:04:16
2Make It Back To Memphis (Live)00:04:55
3Midnight Hour Blues00:04:08
4Living In A Burning House00:04:17
5You Didn't Think About That00:03:56
6I'm Running00:04:06
7Outside Of This Town00:04:08
8Clotilda's On Fire00:04:26
9The Longer That I Live00:03:51
10A Woman (Live)00:03:24
11Ice Cream In Hell00:04:13
12The Chicago Way00:04:22