The Spacefarer's Handbook (eBook, PDF) - Ganse, Bergita; Ganse, Urs
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  • Verlag: Springer / Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  • Originaltitel: Das kleine Handbuch für angehende Raumfahrer
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19. August 2020
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9783662617021
  • Artikelnr.: 60033354

1. How to Become a Spacefarer.- 2. Building Spacecraft.- 3. How to Fly a Spacecraft.- 4. Daily Life in Space.- 5. Space Medicine.- 6. Exploration and Colonisation.

"This book is intended as a general introduction to space travel for anyone contemplating such an adventure. Each chapter provides a general summary of the main topics that any non-professional astronaut might want to learn more about. ... this is a well-written, useful - and sometimes light-hearted - introduction for anyone who wants to know more about humanity's efforts to leave planet Earth." (Peter Bond, The Observatory, Vol. 141 (1284), October, 2021)

"Their book is presented in a breezy, refreshing style, and is an acceptable read even for knowledgeable people. ... The book also has some interesting anecdotes." ( John Silvester, Spaceflight, Vol. 63, August, 2021)

"If you have a question about going into space, and surviving once you're there, then this book needs to be on your shelf as soon as possible." (Stuart Atkinson, Popular Astronomy,, July-August 2021)

"I can't remember when a book exceeded my expectations quite as much as this one did. ... the book has an affordable, far from academic-level price tag - so it's highly recommended for anyone with an interest in the finer points of human spaceflight." (Popular Science,, May 5, 2021)