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  • School of Life
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 6. Januar 2015
  • Englisch
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  • ISBN-13: 9781250058980
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Karpf, Anne
Anne Karpf is a writer, medical sociologist and award-winning journalist. She has been a contributing editor to Cosmopolitan, and wrote a weekly column for the family pages of the Guardian, to which she now contributes columns on social, political and cultural issues. She also writes for publications including the Independent on Sunday and Psychologies. A regular broadcaster, she has written and presented for BBC Radio 4 and she is the author of three books, including The Human Voice. Anne Karpf won the 2014 Older People in the Media award for best individual voice for How to Age and her Guardian journalism on older people's issues.

School of Life, The
The School of Life is a groundbreaking enterprise which offers good ideas for everyday living. Founded in 2008, The School of Life runs a diverse range of programmes and services which address questions of personal fulfilment and how to lead a better life. Drawing insights from philosophy, psychology, literature, the visual arts and sciences, The School of Life offers evening classes, weekends, conversation meals and other events that explore issues relating to big themes such as Love,Work, Play, Self, Family and Community.
This new series of The School of Life's self-help books build on the strengths of the first, tackling some of the hardest issues of our lives in a way that is genuinely informative, helpful and consoling. Here are books that prove that the term "self-help" doesn't have to be either shallow or naive Alain de Botton, Founder of The School of Life