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The Discipline Aerodynamics.- Classi¯cation and Comprehension of Space Vehicles.- Aerothermodynamic Data of Non-winged Re-entry Vehicles (RV-NW)Capsules and Probes.- Erothermodynamic Data of Non-winged Re-entry Vehicles (RV-NW).- Cones and Bicones.
"This book will be of particular interest of those who are involved or interested in high performance space vehicles, re-entry systems and re-useable launch vehicles. ... The reference lists at the end of each chapter is extensive and provides the reader with ample opportunity to explore each vehicle further if needed. ... book would make a useful addition to any technical library being a useful source for vehicle design and for the validation and verification of high speed CFD simulations." (Dr. Malcolm Claus, The Aeronautical Journal, October, 2017)