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Tim is a retired educator, living with his husband, John in their restored 1856 Farmhouse in Provincetown, MA. Tim went to Duke University where he studied under Dr. Anne Scott, a well-known ante-bellum period historian whose work focussed on the central role of women in plantation life. He transferred to Haverford College in PA where he studied under the reknowned African-American historian, Herbert Aptheker in his first year teaching after being thrown out of Columbia U for his political views in the 30's. On to Harvard University for graduate work in the History of American Education where he studied under Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot and others. Having developed experiential social studies curriculum at alternative high schools in Philadelphia and at Wilmington DE Friends Elementary School during his first decade in education, he went on to be the MA Associate Commissioner of Education's assistant where he handled many controversial issues: students with HIV admission to public schools, introduction of LGBTQ issues and the direction of a federal training center on these and other non-academic issues. He spent much of the rest of his career working with the federal government as a contractor in developing research-based social and emotional curricula and school counseling and psych services at the district, state and federal level publishing many books and articles and directing two teacher training centers on these topics. His avocation during this 30 year career, was to focus on a variety of historical projects: Spent time working as a docent and archaeological staffer at Plimoth Plantation, restored their 1856 Farmhouse home on Cape Cod, and created a geneaological study of his mother's family. -(Czyka) on site in Poland. and a similar study of his father's Irish (Dunn) roots in Dublin (18th century) and English roots (Fones) in Devonshire (16th century). His first book was a pictorial and written summary of this research using family records, photographs and antiques published by Shutterfly.