Mazda 626

Automobile, Mazda, Mazda Capella, Mazda RX- 2, Mazda6, Ford Telstar, Ford Mondeo, Large family car, Compact car, Mid- size car
Herausgeber: McBrewster, John, Miller, Frederic P., Vandome, Agnes F.
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Mazda 626

The Mazda 626 is an automobile that was produced by Mazda for the export market. It was based on the Japan-market Mazda Capella. The 626 replaced the 616/618 and RX-2 in 1979 and was sold through 2002, when the new Mazda6 took over as Mazda's large family car. 4,345,279 of the 626 and Ford Telstar models were sold worldwide. The 626 was also sold as the Ford Telstar in Asia, Australasia and Southern Africa, but was later replaced by the European-sourced Ford Mondeo. While in Europe it was always considered a large family car, in North America the first two generations of the 626 were compact cars, and the third, fourth and fifth were mid-size cars.


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