Grace and Necessity - Williams, Rowan

Grace and Necessity

Rowan Williams 

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Grace and Necessity

Sketches out a theological aesthetic or a different understanding of how human beings open themselves to transcendence. This book draws on three key influences: the French Catholic philosopher, Jacques Maritain, the Welsh poet and painter, David Jones, and the American novelist and short story writer, Mary Flannery O'Connor.


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The Rt. Hon. and Most Reverend Rowan Williams is Archbishop of Canterbury. He was formerly Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Oxford and Archbishop of Wales.
1. Exploration of aesthetics: covering artists as wide ranging as Gwen John, Jean Cocteau and the writings of Jacques Maritain. 2. Art and Sacrament: The Anglo Saxon response to the ideas of Continental thinking in the 20th Century
3. The US Response: Flannery O'Connor
4. Art and Intelligence. Towards a new theology.
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