The Central Americans - Adventures and Impressions Between Mexico and Panama (1928)

Arthur Arthur Brown Ruhl 

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The Central Americans - Adventures and Impressions Between Mexico and Panama (1928)

Text extracted from opening pages of book: THE CENTRAL AMERICANS THE VOLCANO OF IRAZU, NEAR SAN JOSfi DE COSTA RTCA, DURING AN ERUPTION. THE CENTRAL AMERICANS ADVENTURES AND IMPRESSIONS BETWEEN MEXICO AND PANAMA . BY ARTHUR RUHL ILLUSTRATED CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS NEW YORK LONDON 1928 COPYRIGHT, 1928, BY CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS Printed in the United States of America CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I. SEA-CHANGE i II. THE LAY OF THE LAND 17 III. NICE LITTLE COSTA RICA 27 IV. TROUBLED NICARAGUA 75 V. HONDURAS 133 VI. BUSY SALVADOR 171 VII. To ZACAPA BY MULE 207 VIII. GUATEMALA 229 INDEX 277 ILLUSTRATIONS The volcano of Irazu during an eruption Frontispiece FACING PAGE Map of Central America 3 In the highland country of Costa Rica's Meseta Central . 1 The ox-carts characteristic of Costa Rica j 3 In the Plaza at San Jose de Costa Rica on a Sunday morning 1 Foyer of the National Theatre in the Costa Rican capital. J $ A Costa Rican political cartoon page 54 Demonstration of one of the candidates during a Costa Rican Presidential campaign > 58 A Costa Rican football team j Loading bananas at one of the United Fruit Company's east ] coast ports I, , Owner's house and stone coffee-drying floor on aNicaraguan j coffee plantation j One of the crater lakes near Managua, the Nicaraguan) capital 84 A corner of the Plaza in Leon j Cattle on the Leon plain which has been fought over in many Nicaraguan revolutions 112 The landlady of the wayside inn at the village of Perspire 1 The author's mule-boy on the San Lorenzo Tegucigalpa trail > 144 A Tegucigalpa school-teacher at the head of her flock. . . J One of the drowsy little towns of the Hondurenan highlands 1, , The patio where the old sheep slept in the innat Tegucigalpa j Looking down on San Salvador, highland capital of the Re-1 public of El Salvador I g The well-turned-out and efficient Guardia Nacional of El f 7 Salvador At the Hipodromo and Sports Field, San Salvador . . . .' The inner crater at the bottom of the main crater of Poas volcano ix 194 x ILLUSTRATIONS FAC1 NO PAGi: At the Sign of the Bull in the village of Chiquimula . . 1 Market at the foot of the stairs leading to a church, Guate-> 218 mala City J Indian burden-carriers of Guatemala 222 Ruins at Antigua, the colonial capital of Guatemala .... 238 Antigua as it is to-day, at the foot of the volcano of Agua . 240 The tightly wrapped skirt with its high wide sash often gives a touch of the Orient to the Guatemalteca's costume . Indian woman with homespun, embroidered gttipik . . . Guatemalteca Indian women on the way from their village to market in the capital 268


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