Two Original Albums: Fly/Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.09.2011
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CD 1
1Ready To Run (Album Version)00:03:52
2If I fall you're going down with me (Album Version)00:03:04
3Cowboy Take Me Away (Album Version)00:04:51
4Cold day in July (Album Version)00:05:12
5Goodbye Earl (Album Version)00:04:19
6Hello Mr. Heartache (Album Version)00:03:49
7Don't waste your heart (Album Version)00:02:50
8Sin Wagon (Album Version)00:03:41
9Without You (Album Version)00:03:32
10Some Days You Gotta Dance (Album Version)00:02:30
11Hole in my head (Album Version)00:03:22
12Heartbreak Town (Album Version)00:03:47
13Keine Titelinformation00:00:06
14Let Him Fly (Album Version)00:03:08
CD 2
1I Can Love You Better (Album Version)00:03:53
2Wide Open Spaces (Album Version)00:03:43
3Loving arms (Album Version)00:03:37
4There's Your Trouble (Album Version)00:03:12
5You Were Mine (Album Version)00:03:37
6Never say die (Album Version)00:03:56
7Tonight The Heartache's On Me (Album Version)00:03:26
8Let 'er rip (Album Version)00:02:50
9Once you've loved somebody (Album Version)00:03:28
10I'll take care of you (Album Version)00:03:40
11Am I the only one (who's ever felt this way) (Album Version)00:03:25
12Give It Up Or Let Me Go (Album Version)00:04:56