Jump Mr.Blues - Wynonie Harris


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CD 1
1Who threw the whiskey in the well00:03:03
2Around the clock (Part 1)00:02:55
3Wynonie's blues00:02:50
4Young man's blues00:02:53
5That's the stuff you gotta watch00:02:42
6Playful baby00:02:42
7Hey, ba-ba-re-bop (Part 1)00:02:34
8In the evenin' blues00:02:51
9My baby's Barrel house00:02:52
10Mr Blues jumped the rabbit00:02:53
11You got to get yourself a job, girl00:02:50
12Big city blues00:02:33
13Battle of the blues (Part 1)00:02:55
14Good morning Mr. Blues00:02:51
15From bad to good blues00:02:44
16Good rockin' tonight00:02:49
17Lollipop mama00:02:51
18Grandma plays the numbers00:02:42
19She just won't sell no more00:02:36
20I want my fanny brown00:03:09
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CD 2
1Triffin' woman00:02:41
2Rock Mr. Blues00:02:42
3Good morning judge00:02:44
4Mr. Blues is coming to town00:03:02
5Oh! Babe00:03:00
6Confessin' the blues00:02:51
7Bloodshot eyes (1951)00:02:45
8Here comes the night00:02:37
9Lovin' machine00:02:29
10My playful baby's gone00:02:32
11Keep on churnin' (till the butter comes)00:02:57
12Drinking blues00:02:46
13Adam come and get your rib00:02:24
14Bring it back00:02:19
15Bad news baby (There'll be no rockin' tonite)00:03:02
16Mama your daughter done lied on me00:02:21
18Drinkin' sherry wine00:02:35
19Fishtail blues00:02:38
20Good mambo tonight00:02:31
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