I Am Maru - Mugumogu

I Am Maru


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I Am Maru

Meet Maru! This round, adorable Scottish Fold cat may be an internet sensation, but he knows how to keep his celebrity status from going to his fluffy head . . . mostly. Maru and his owner, mugumogu, give readers a peek into the low-key life of the world's most famous cat. See all his favorite hiding places--trash cans, cupboards, cereal boxes . . . if it's cozy, he's there--meet his treasured toys, and learn what it means to wield just the right amount of cat-titude.

In Japanese Maru means circle or round, but to millions around the world Maru means an adorable (and yes, rather round) male Scottish Fold cat with a love for charging and diving head first into cardboard boxes, drawers and trashcans. For the first time, this four color picture book with text in English and Japanese from Marus owner will be available to an eagerly awaiting American audience.


  • Abmessung: 183mm x 211mm x 15mm
  • Gewicht: 445g
  • ISBN-13: 9780062088413
  • ISBN-10: 0062088416
  • Best.Nr.: 33145756
"I Am Maru takes readers inside the lives of Maru and his owner mugumogu, peeking into boxes, boxes, more boxes...With his big, round eyes and white-glove paws, Maru finds a way to burrow inside anything-and don't be surprised if one of those places is your heart!"--People.com
mugumogu is the username of Maru's owner. She lives in Japan.
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