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Awarenes s of the great significance of surface consti­ tution in understanding the behavior and perforITlance of ITlaterials has been growing in proportion to the ITleans which have becoITle available for surface study. Recent years have seen iITlportant advances in analytical tools and ITlethods; their applications to date will certainly suggest ITlany other fruitful lines of investigation. The Conference "Surfaces and Interfaces of Glass and CeraITlics" held at the New York State College of CeraITlics at Alfred University under the sponsorship of the U. S. ArITly Research Office, DurhaITl, and the National Aeronautics and Space AdITlinistration, in August 1973, was tenth in the Uni­ versity Series in CeraITlic Science, held in rotation aITlong North Carolina State University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Notre DaITle and Alfred Uni­ versity. The chapters are arranged in order of their particular eITlphasis beginning with those principally concerned with analytical ITlethods. Chapters dealing with friction and wear follow, highly topical in the present-day concern with effi­ cient use of energy in finishing processes, on the one hand, and the avoidance of preITlature failure by frictional daITlage to ITloving parts on the other. Surface reactions are then considered, including the iITlportant questions of physiological interactions with ceraITlic candidates for prosthetic applica­ tions. Material-ITlaterial interfaces and transition zones are discussed through exaITlples which include grain bound­ aries in ceraITlics as well as interfaces aITlong various solid, liquid and gaseous phases.


  • Verlag: SPRINGER
  • 1974
  • ISBN-13: 9780306385070
  • ISBN-10: 0306385074
  • Best.Nr.: 24496384
1 Characterization of Surfaces and Interfaces.
2 The Infrared Spectra of Several N
Containing Compounds Absorbed on Montmorillonites.
3 Applications of Surface Characterization Techniques to Glasses.
4 Observation of Electronic Spectra in Glass and Ceramic Surfaces.
5 Surface Analysis of Glass by Charged Particle Analysis.
6 A Method for Determining the Preferred Orientation of Crystallites Normal to a Surface.
7 Friction and Wear Behavior of Glasses and Ceramics.
8 The Wear Behavior of Cast Surface Composites.
9 An Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic and Thermal Characteristics of the Ceramic Stock Removal Process.
10 Dynamic Elastic Model of Ceramic Stock Removal.
11 Ceramics in Abrasive Processes.
12 Rolling Contact Fatigue of Hot
Pressed Silicon Nitride Versus Surface Preparation Techniques.
13 Structure and Properties of Solid Surfaces.
14 Catalysis in Correlation with the Detailed Electronic Structure of the Surface.
15 Physiological Factors at Bioceramic Interfaces.
16 Characterization of Tissue Growth into Pellets and Partial Sections of Porous Porcelain and Titania Implanted in Bone.
17 Phase Distribution in Solid
Vapor Systems.
18 Evidence of Inverted Undercutting of a Solid Metal Substrate by a Liquid Ceramic Sessile Specimen at Elevated Temperatures.
19 Interfaces in Ceramic Nuclear Fuels.
20 Grain Boundary Precipitation in Zirconia.
21 Grain Boundary Mobility in Anion Doped MgO.
22 Property Changes at Interfaces and Free Surfaces.
23 Microstructure Analysis from Fracture Surfaces.
24 Fracture Topography of Ceramics.
25 The Role of Surface Energy on Thermal Shock of Ceramic Materials.
26 Surface Charge
Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Non
27 Slow Fracture of Glass in Alknaes and Other Liquids.
28 The Effects of Microstructure on the Fracture Energy of Hot Pressed MgO.

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