Water Treatment Plant Design - Randtke, Stephen J.; Horsley, Michael B.

Water Treatment Plant Design

Stephen J. Randtke Michael B. Horsley 

Herausgeber: American Water Works Association (AWWA); American Society of Civil Engineers
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Water Treatment Plant Design

The definitive water treatment plant design reference for more than 70 years fully updated
Thoroughly revised to include new information on sustainability, the latest technologies, and the most current standards and codes, Water Treatment Plant Design , Fifth Edition provides unsurpassed coverage of water treatment plant design topics. This authoritative resource is written by a team of water treatment plant design experts, with contributions from more than 30 international authorities. The book offers comprehensive guidance on modernizing existing water treatment facilities and planning new ones from initial plans and permits through design, construction, and start-up.
Water Treatment Plant Design , Fifth Edition features:
New chapter on biological processes focusing on nitrate, iron, and magnesium removal
New chapter on sustainability
New emphasis on biological active filtration
Added emphasis on pretreatment and intake facilities
Discussion of advanced oxidation processes
Coverage of energy efficiency, reuse, and minimizing greenhouse gas production
SI units and customary US units
New emphasis on standards and codes
Information on arsenic removal
Comprehensive coverage:
The Challenge of Water Treatment Plant Design; Sustainability; Master Planning and Treatment Process Selection; Design and Construction; Intake Facilities; Aeration and Air Stripping; Mixing, Coagulation, and Flocculation; Clarification; High-Rate Granular Media Filtration; Slow Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration; Oxidation and Disinfection; UV Disinfection; Lime Softening; Ion Exchange Applications in Water Treatment; Membrane Processes; Activated Carbon Processes; Biological Treatment Processes; Process Residuals; Pilot Plant Design and Construction; Chemicals and Chemical Handling; Hydraulics; Site Selection and Plant Arrangement; Environmental Impact and Project Permitting; Architectural Design; Building Systems; Structural Design; Process Instrumentation and Controls; Electrical Systems; Design Reliability Features; Operations and Maintenance Considerations during Plant Design; Operator Training and Plant Start-Up; Water Treatment Plant Security; Construction Cost Estimating


  • Verlag: Mcgraw-Hill Professional
  • 2012
  • 5th, rev. ed.
  • Ausstattung/Bilder: 5th, rev. ed. 2012. 1376 S. w. ill. 233.7 mm
  • Englisch
  • Abmessung: 243mm x 161mm x 56mm
  • Gewicht: 1745g
  • ISBN-13: 9780071745727
  • ISBN-10: 0071745726
  • Best.Nr.: 35049104
The leading organization of water management professionals in the United States, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) empaneled a committee of 23 experts to compile authoritative definitions and develop this dictionary. This special Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has worked since 1994 creating this unequaled reference. James M. Symons, Cullen Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Houston, served as Project Supervisor and Editor. AWWA has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
Chapter 1: The Challenge of Water Treatment Plant Design
Chapter 2: Sustainability
Chapter 3: Master Planning and Treatment Process Selection
Chapter 4: Design and Construction
Chapter 5: Intake Facilities
Chapter 6: Aeration and Air Stripping
Chapter 7: Mixing, Coagulation, and Flocculation
Chapter 8: Clarification
Chapter 9: High-Rate Granular Media Filtration
Chapter 10: Slow Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration
Chapter 11: Oxidation and Disinfection
Chapter 12: UV Disinfection
Chapter 13: Lime Softening
Chapter 14: Ion Exchange Applications in Water Treatment
Chapter 15: Membrane Processes
Chapter 16: Activated Carbon Processes
Chapter 17: Biological Treatment Processes
Chapter 18: Process Residuals
Chapter 19: Pilot Plant Design and Construction
Chapter 20: Chemicals and Chemical Handling
Chapter 21: Hydraulics
Chapter 22: Site Selection and Plant Arrangement
Chapter 23: Environmental Impact and Project Permitting
Chapter 24: Architectural Design
Chapter 25: Building Systems
Chapter 26: Structural Design
Chapter 27: Process Instrumentation and Controls
Chapter 28: Electrical Systems
Chapter 29: Design Reliability Features
Chapter 30: Operations and Maintenance Considerations during Plant Design
Chapter 31: Operator Training and Plant Start-Up
Chapter 32: Water Treatment Plant Security
Chapter 33: Construction Cost Estimating