The Role of Neurotransmitters in Brain Injury - Globus, Mordecai; Brain-91
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  • 1992.
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  • 1992
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- InjuryInduced Release of Excitatory Amino Acids: Excitatory Amino Acid Release after Focal Cerebral Ischemia (R. Bullock et al.)

- The Role of Glutamatergic Receptor in Brain Injury: Dizocilpine (MK801) in Cerebral Ischemia (R.N. Auer)

- The Role of Monoamines in Brain Injury: Role of Nigrostriatal Projections in the Vulnerability of the Striatum (A. Buisson et al.)

- The Role of Steroids, Adenosine, GABA, and Acetylcholine in Brain Injury: The Role of Glucocorticoids in Ischemic Cell Death (J.N. Davis et al.)

- Intracellular Messengers and Brain Injury: Changes in Gene Expression after Transient Ischemia as Potential Markers for Excitotoxic Pathology (T.S. Nowak et al.)

- Blood Brain Barrier in Brain Injury: Ultrastructural Studies of Endothelium in NMDAInduced Excitotoxicity (S. Nag)

- Neurotransmitter Modulation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

- Neurotransmitters and Free Radical Mediated Injury

- 51 additional articles

- Index