The Development Decade?: Economic and Social Change in South Africa, 1994-2004

The Development Decade?: Economic and Social Change in South Africa, 1994-2004

Herausgeber: Padayachee, Vishnu
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The Development Decade?: Economic and Social Change in South Africa, 1994-2004

Locating the South African challenges within a broader international perspective, this study covers all the major economic growth challanges from employment, industrial policy, urban governance, and the informal economy to the social challenges of poverty, inequality, HIV/AIDS, and health policy. The key development debates of the post-apartheid era are outlined and the success of a decade of reform and experimentation is considered by a wide range of international development specialists, including American economists Gil Hart and Michael Carter; British economist Jonathan Michie; and South African Scholars Alan Whitesides, Julian May, and Mike Morris.


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Vishnu Padayachee is a senior professor of economics in the School of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and a member of the board of directors of the South African Reserve Bank.
Development debates in a global context: Beyond neo
liberalism?; development debates in historical and comparative perspective; development theories, knowledge production and emancipatory practice; macroeconomic balance and microeconomic reform: Reflections on South Africa's first wave of economic reforms; macroeconomic reforms and employment: What possibilities for South Africa?; operationalising South Africa's move from macro
economic stability to micro
economic reform; sequencing micro and macro reforms for pro
poor growth: Forward looking reflections on the South African experience. Distributive issues in post
apartheid South Africa: Constructing the social policy agenda
conceptual debates around poverty and inequality; policy dilemmas around direct state transfers to the poor. Industrial upgrading and innovation: The Noledge of Numbers
SandT, RandD, and innovation indicators in South Africa; the role of government in facilitating clusters. Municipal governance and development: Pro
poor local economic development in post
apartheid South Africa
the Johannesburg fashion district; local economic development
utopia and reality in South Africa; the example of Durban KZN. Labour, work and the informal economy: Labour supply and demand constraints on employment creation
a microeconomic analysis; definitions, data and the informal economy in South Africa: a critical analysis; population, health and development
people's views on how families cope with illnesses and deaths in South Africa; condom use within marriage and cohabiting partnerships
perspectives of couples; framing the HIV epidemic in South Africa
A sociological perspective; economic and development issues around HIV/AIDS; social movements and democratic transition
social movements in South Africa
promoting crisis or creating stability?; democracy and social movements in South Africa; political work
mobilisation and negotiation in the shadows of Durban's refineries. Traditional authority and development challenges
rural development, traditional authorities and democracy in South Africa.

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