Mac OS X Unix Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for the Mac OS X Power Users - Negus, Christopher; Caen, Francois; Myer, Thomas

Mac OS X Unix Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for the Mac OS X Power Users

Christopher Negus Francois Caen Thomas Myer 

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Mac OS X Unix Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for the Mac OS X Power Users

The one thing that current Mac folks don't know enough about is the underlying Unix stuff. Educating the users will lead to (a) more conversions to Mac and (b) folks who are used to the Mac GUI getting more out of the system currently.

The Mac OS X UNIX Toolbox is a handy, compact guide that teaches you how to use UNIX tools on Mac OS X. The goal is to make the reader comfortable with the same command-line tools used by experts world wide. Over 1000 commands will help them monitor system status and security, find files, list directories, use services, and access resources.

Those familiar with the award-winning Macintosh UI may not be familiar with all the behind-the-scenes utilities and tools, and others who are familiar with other flavors of Unix (like Linux or BSD) need a guide that will familiarize them with the workings of UNIX on Mac OS X.

The book's primarily goal is to expand UNIX expertise in these and other areas:

Using the shell

Finding software online

Working with files

Playing with music and images

Administering the file system

Backing up data

Checking and managing running processes

Accessing network resources

Handling remote system administration

Securing the machine

Using command-line tools and utilities


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Thomas Myer is a consultant, author, and principal of Triple Dog DareMedia.He spent 7 years working for high-tech companies like Cisco Systems and Vignette before founding Triple Dog Dare Media in 2001. His experience covers content management, online lead generation, portals, PHP, information architecture, and XML.

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1. Starting with UNIX on Mac OS X

2. New to Mac OS X

3. Using the Shell

4. Working with Files

5. Manipulating Text

6. Advanced Scripting

7. Administering File Systems

8. Backups and Removable Media

9. Checking and Running Processes

10. Managing the System

11. Managing Network Connections

12. Accessing Network Resources

13. Doing Remote System Administration

14. Locking Down Security

Appendix A. Using Vi or Vim Editors

Appendix B. Shell Special Characters and Variables

Appendix C. Personal Configuration Files

Appendix D. AppleScript Command Summary

Appendix E. Fink Package Summary

Appendix F. Perl Primer