Healing the Hospital Environment - Haggard, Liz; Hosking, Sarah; Clare, Anthony

Healing the Hospital Environment

Liz Haggard Sarah Hosking Anthony Clare 

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Healing the Hospital Environment

The general appearance , interior design and environmental quality of hospitals and healthcare buildings have an important influence on patients, staff and the public. But many hospitals and healthcare environments fail to create a positive impression. Healing the Hospital Environment identifies why many healthcare premises do not look or feel welcoming and why even well-intentioned efforts to make improvements are often unsuccessful. The authors show that significant improvements can be made within limited resources if hospitals recognise what can be achieved, set standards and invest in the relevant design expertise. This practical and generously illustrated book is written to inform those who are responsible for these important public buildings what can be achieved. It gives a wide range of examples of effective improvement in design, maintenance and management of all types of hospital and healthcare premises and their surrounding land. It is also intended to help design professionals adapt to the particular requirements of these buildings and their wide range of functions.


  • Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 1999
  • Ausstattung/Bilder: 10 line illustrations, 10 halftone illustrations
  • Seitenzahl: 214
  • Englisch
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  • ISBN-13: 9780419231707
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Foreword by Professor Antony Clare . Preface, Authors' Acknowledgements. Introduction. The Legacy and Appearance of Hospital Buildings. Landscape, Gardens and the Space Between the Buildings. principles of Interior Renovation
The Role of an Interior Designer. Components of 'Any Hospital'
From Reception to Chapels. Interior Features
From Floors to Furniture. Colour and Other Factors. Arts and Decoration
From High Art to Humble Memorabilia. The Human Factor. Professional Appointments
The 'Design Team'. Fund Raising. Conclusion. Index.