Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision - Chen, C. H.

Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision

C. H. Chen 

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Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision

Pattern recognition and computer vision and their applications have experienced enormous progress in research and development over the last two decades. This comprehensive handbook documents both the basics and new and advanced results in the field. The chapters, written by leading experts, cover the major topic areas. Researchers, students and users of pattern recognition and computer vision should find the book a valuable reference for help in understanding the many techniques available, the systems already developed, as well as the basic principles behind many topic areas.


  • ISBN-13: 9789810211363
  • ISBN-10: 9810211368
  • Best.Nr.: 22172672
Part 1 Basic methods in pattern recognition: statistical pattern recognition
K. Fukunaga; large-scale feature selection
J. Sklansky and W. Siedlecki. Part 2 Basic method in image processing and vision: vision engineering - designing computer vision systems
R. Chellapa and A. Rosenfeld; colour in computer vision
Q-T. Luong; model-based texture segmentation
R. Chellapa et al; positional estimation techniques for an autonomous mobile robot - a review
R. Talluri and J.K. Aggarwal. Part 3 Recognition applications: pattern recognition in geophysical signal processing and interpretation
Y. Li et al; optical handwritten Chinese character recognition
J.S. Huang. Part 4 Inspection and robotic applications: computer vision in food handling and sorting
H. Arnason and M. Asmundsson; quantitative 3-D methods in medical imaging
M. Loew. Part 5 Architectures and technology: optical pattern recognition for computer vision
D. Casasent; connectionist architectures in low-level image segmentation
W. Blanz and S. Gish.
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